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Strength through Force of Mind

Learn Genuine Wing Chun Kung Fu
in Friendly, Relaxed Classes
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Fully Qualified Instructors

All our instructors are fully qualified and endorsed to teach you genuine Wing Chun

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Friendly Training Atmosphere

Enjoy training in a friendly, family atmosphere with a focus on learning and self improvement

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Locations throughout Queensland

With locations throughout Queensland, we'll have a branch near you

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Sunshine Coast

Branches in Caloundra, Coolum, Eumundi, Flaxton, and Sunshine Beach
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Fitness++ Offering Adult and Kid's classes in the Redlands City Area
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Offering Adult and Kid's classes in Logan
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Gold Coast

Wing Chun for Life located at Varsity Lakes

Simple, Effective, Self Defense

Wing Chun is a system of self defense that places emphasis on technique and minimal use of brute strength.This philosophy allows Wing Chun to be used to defend oneself with efficient and effective results.

Direct Lineage to Masters

Many of our instructors trained directly under the late Master Jim Fung, or have been trained by a direct student of Sifu Jim. In addition, many of these instructors have had the privilege of training with Sifu Jim's teacher, Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, in Hong Kong during their time training, himself a student of the late Yip Man.

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History & Lineage

Principle Based Martial Arts

Wing Chun is based on 5 underlying principles of Simplicity, Directness, Practicality, Economy of Movement, and Minimum Use of Brute Strength.

Once learned correctly, these principles can be applied to any movement and reduce the need for over reliance on specific technique.

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Suitable for Everyone

Wing Chun is accessible to all people, regardless of gender, age and fitness levels. A number of our schools also offer specialised kid's classes.

Kid's Class Locations

With the principle of minimal use of brute strength, Wing Chun is also well suited to women wanting to learn a martial art. We also run specialised women's self defense workshops periodically.

Women's Class Info

Friendly Training Atmosphere

Our training is conducted in a friendly, family atmosphere. Our Association is made up of schools that come together on many occasions to train together with senior Wing Chun practitioners from both interstate and overseas, maintaining a family feeling within our Wing Chun community.

We Proudly Support

The Australian Wing Chun Federation

Uniting Australian Wing Chun Schools

The Chu Shong Tin Ving Tsun Alumni

Passing on Chu Style Wing Chun

A Thankyou from Qld Wing Chun

Queensland Wing Chun has only come about through the generous nature and teachings of our Sifu and Sigung, Master Jim Fung, and the generous teachings and passing on of this knowledge through Sifu Andrew Withford, Maya Brown and Kam Lowe.

We are indebted to these men who have freely passed on their knowledge of Wing Chun and helped us on our journey within this life long art. Their dedication to their art and choice to openly share their learnings with many of us is cherished, and we are grateful for their teachings and friendship.

With Thanks
Our Senior Instructors